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Casa de La Luna Launches Multimedia Studios

We recognize that there are many Lightworkers, Practitioners, and others who have unique gifts and wisdom to share with the world.  They feel a great sense of urgency during these changing times to “reach out” and help as many people as possible learn how to achieve personal and global transformation.

Unfortunately, many of these (often right-brained) individuals rarely have time to leverage (or learn how to leverage) technologies to help fulfill their Divine calling.  Also, many of these selfless individuals are so busy helping others that they rarely have time to take care of themselves!  Some of them would benefit from healing themselves.  With so little spare time, where can they go for rejuvenation as well as technology support so that they can more effectively share their gifts with others?

A Unique Offering…

To address this urgent need, Casa de La Luna Retreat has launched a state-of-the-art multimedia production studio to serve Lightworkers and others who are in service to Humanity and Mother Earth.  We know of no other place where Lightworkers, healers, and others can relax and recover in a private residential retreat setting while at the same time get the technical support they need to develop promotional materials, educational materials, or multimedia products they’ve been wanting to develop.

Relax, Rejuvenate, and Record!

Whether it’s e-books, audio-books, interactive presentations, promotional videos, educational videos, meditation CDs, spiritual music, or printed publications, Casa de La Luna is honored to be able to help make your multimedia dreams come true.

Transformational Media Coming Soon!

Watch for the release of our transformational media, to coincide with the launch of our New Paradigm Directory.  The directory will feature a growing number of partners who are committed to education and outreach.  Please contact us for more information about the launch.

Eco-Spiritual Travel to Peru September 18-25/30, 2...

A 2012 Portal . . .

Mother Earth has chosen a new Spiritual Center . . . a new expression of her powerful Healing and Transformational Energy. This energy portal is now open in Peru, calling Lightworkers and Seekers from around the world to help integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, in preparation for the Golden Age.

A Unique Opportunity . . .

Do you feel the calling? If so, our goal is to help you discover this sacred place, and interact with these life-changing energies through guided tours, meditation, and ceremony. This is no ordinary tour. The vibrations you’ll be receiving and carrying back to your home and loved ones will help prepare your world for the 2012 shift. Those of you who join us will never be the same again.

Expect Miracles….

Our Tour Leader, Anita Cramm’s, devotion to the Peruvian culture and her acceptance by Peruvian elders has given her special access to healers, mystics, shamans, and spiritual teachers. She has received permission from the ancestors and the elders to bring visitors into the “inner circle” of these 2012 wisdom keepers. She has also worked closely with our local guides and with Divine inspiration to select the sacred locations on our itinerary. Each day of meditation and ceremony with Anita and the Inkan elders is intended to help guide you through this shift of Divine energy, so that you may experience healing and wisdom directly from Source. This will help facilitate great personal and global transformation for 2012.

To see our itinerary, pricing, and reservation information, please:

Download Travel Brochure [PDF]

If you’re ready to register, download the Registration Form below for instructions:

Registration Form [PDF]

Thank you.  We hope to see you soon!