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Vision, Mission, Values

Horses at Casa de La LunaVision:

At Casa de La Luna Retreat, we envision a world of Personal and Global Wellness and Oneness… a world where everyone is Caring and Sharing, and all living things, including Mother Earth, are treated with love, gratitude and respect.


Our mission is to create an eco-holistic retreat and conscious multi-media content for Lightworkers and Seekers, to help manifest Personal and Global Wellness and Oneness.  This retreat shall have both an onsite and virtual (online) presence, and shall be known as “A Place for Caring and Sharing”…

Values and Philosophy of Service:

All of us at Casa de La Luna feel incredibly blessed to be the stewards of such unique, magical properties. We are committed to wellness, spiritual growth, and social responsibility. We hope to facilitate personal and social transformation by offering on-site and online programs devoted to healing arts, creative arts, and sustainability. Our goal is to support a great consciousness shift towards Oneness by offering “a Place for Caring and Sharing” with much love, gratitude and respect.